Bostt End Suction Close Couple Pumps
Bostt End Suction Close Couple Pumps Bostt Pump (Industrial) Pump Johor Bahru (JB), Johor. Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Boston Industrial Engineering Sdn Bhd
Monobloc horizontal centrifugal pumps, constructed to EN 733 standards; widely used in water supplies, pressurisation and fire-fighting systems, cooling, heating, irrigation, industrial and agricultural applications; standard supply with counter-flange.
CM32-160C, CM32-160B, CM32-160A, CM32-200C, CM32-200B, CM32-200A, CM32-250C, CM32-250B, C,32-250A.
CM40-125C, CM40-125B, CM40-125A, CM40-160B, CM40-160A, CM40-200B, CM40-200A, CM40-250B, CM40-250A.
CM50-125B, CM50-125A, CM50-160B, CM50-160A, CM50-200C, CM50-200B, CM50-200A, CM50-250C, CM50-250B, CM50-250A.
CM65-125B, CM65-125A, CM65-160C, CM65-160B, CM65-160A, CM65-200C, CM65-200B, CM65-200A, CM65-250B, CM65-250A.
CM80-160D, CM80-160C, CM80-160B, CM80-160A, CM80-200B, CM80-200A.

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